Veb sajt koristi kolačiće u smislu personalzacije sadržaja, korišćenja funkcija društvenih medija i analize saobraćaja.


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Get to know your customers and keep them

The imperative of anyone who is in the business of selling goods and/or services is to get to know their customers and keep them, ensuring new purchases. It is generally known that it is far cheaper to keep the existing customer, than to attract a new one and we designed My SpotLight precisely to help everyone do it.


By using API protocol and web service, it is possible to link our platform with most of the external ERP/POS and CRM programmes and applications.

“White Label“ Loyalty

The platform is ours, but the loyalty programme is yours! You can design and brand all elements of the programme by yourselves. We are invisible to your customers!

Web Aplication

In order to access the application, you only need the Internet connection. You don’t need additional external devices, and the display is adapted to all screen sizes and types (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone).


You can track in real-time the key business indicators on an intuitive dashboard, as well as all activities related to the loyalty programme at all times, using any device.


In the admin panel you can define access rights to certain modules for each of your employees that have the access to the application and prevent any possible misuse.

Create customer base with types of data that you need, whether these are standard personal and/or social-demographic data, or some specific attributes (such as hair colour, children's birth dates, information about pets, etc.) that you can use later for segmentation, personalised campaigns and for analytics.

Create a codebook of your items and record each transaction of your loyal customers via virtual cash register. For each transaction you can print a receipt/confirmation with all necessary data. Each registered transaction will be linked to a loyal customer and in a few clicks, you will have a complete overview of all purchases of a specific customer with the analytics that goes to the level of individual item/service.

Everything is configurable, from the points’ name, up to setting parameters for all rules and conditions for their collection and spending, as well as their validity period. They can be collected based on transactions or by performing other actions (customer registration, birthdays, etc.). They can be used directly to pay for the goods/services (cashback), or they can be converted into vouchers.

Define as many discount levels as you want and set purchase qualification conditions for each of them. For example, if in the last 365 days a customer has spent up to EUR 100, their level will become ‘Bronze’ and they will get 5% discount, if they spent up to EUR 500, they will reach ‘Silver’ level and get 10% discount, while the expenditure of up to EUR 1000 will give them 15% discount, and so on. The discounts will be automatically updated and applied during purchases.

Create dynamic segments by using transaction data and/or attributes from the database. For example, create a segment that will be automatically updated daily and that will consist of male customers, up to 40 years of age that have spent more than EUR 50 in your shops in the last 30 days.

By using this module, you will be able to create different types of marketing campaigns based on the registered transactions, such as digital coupons and stamps (‘Buy X, Get 1 Free’), bundled purchases as a precondition for achieving additional points, ‘challenge’ promo activations (for purchasing defined items in defined period you can get certain amount of additional credit points) and many more. We are willing to implement all your ideas in a new campaign type.

You create campaigns with vouchers. They can be either gift or discount vouchers depending on the benefit they hold. They can be limited to a previously defined segment or they can be used by all loyal customers. You can also define the validity period, maximum number of vouchers per user, they can be unique or general. We’ve enabled upload of creative voucher solutions, so when identifying a customer, the operator immediately sees if the customer has the right to use certain vouchers and many other things.

Replace paper vouchers with modern gift cards in exclusive packaging, with a possibility of free or predefined input of desired amounts that are stored on the card. There is a possibility to bundle groups of cards for a specific business partner, digitise lists of employees and use attachment of salary.

Plastične kartice EN

Design and production of plastic cards

Design and quality of a loyalty card affects the perception that customers have about the loyalty programme and you as a company.

We can offer:

  • Barcode cards with barcode scanner
  • Contact/chip cards with card reader
  • Contactless/RFID cards with RFID reader

Card printers

You wish to design and print personalized cards? We have several types of printers at our disposal with different print possibilities and different capacities.


TXT ispod TABova EN

Did you know that 9 out of 10 loyalty programmes on the market have come down to issuing cards, without using data on customers!? Loyalty cards without adequate software don’t mean that much…

Are you considering loyalty program implementation?

Choose the type of business:

  • Beauty & SPA salon
  • I have several different activities within my campaign. Is it possible to make an ‘umbrella’ loyalty programme?
  • Food delivery
  • Clothes shop
  • Baby clothes store
  • Consumer goods store
  • Web shop / e-commerce solution
  • Pet shop
  • Vehicle registration agency
  • Hairdresser’s

If your business is not on the list, contact us and we will make necessesary modifications.

Consumer goods store

If there is an industry where loyalty programmes make sense, it is this one. It is also the industry where we have the most expertise. You manage a consumer goods store and you are thinking about implementing a loyalty programme? My SpotLight is the right solution for you!


Unlimited number of possible scenarios and rules, call us and together we will create a programme that can maximise the use of data in order to optimise all business processes and personalised marketing tools and activations, which will result in the ultimate goal = increase in sales and profit.




It is 5 times more expensive to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. The key to success of any business lies in repeated purchases of satisfied customers.


Satisfaction of your customers is directly proportional with the amount they are willing to spend in your stores. The average consumer basket, depending on the industry, can be up to 5 times bigger!


According to a research, increasing consumer retention rate for 5% can lead to profit growth 25-95%!


Profiling and classification of customers into smaller groups according to their common characteristics, needs and purchasing habits can help you and your customers. In addition to the fact that it will be easier for you to define marketing and sales goals and to design an appropriate marketing strategy, you will also be able to satisfy the need of your customers more efficiently, which they will appreciate.


Personalised offers and communication with customers enable firmer emotional connection of your customers with your brand. Personalisation is an excellent way to show that you care about your customers and to strengthen their loyalty.


Consumer behaviour and trends are directly linked with achieving company profits and its business success. Their precise monitoring will contribute to the selection of the adequate marketing approach, better planning and saving company resources.


  • The sense that you are taking care of them
  • Their loyalty is rewarded
  • They have additional benefit from doing business with you
  • Regular information about relevant products / services to their e-mail or phone
  • They trust you
  • Possibly to pay with a gift card, virtual voucher or accumulated points
  • Improving the overall shopping experience


  • Profit growth
  • Brand strengthening
  • Retaining the existing customers and increasing their spending
  • Maximised use of customer data
  • Efficient campaigns
  • Saving resources
  • Lowering business risks
  • Word of mouth


During the first meeting, I realised that this is what I’ve been looking for last two years and what I needed to delve more seriously into developing my business. The devotion of the entire team when it comes to my requests was always 100%...

Inna Suchkova, Beauty Experts

Whether you are a big company, such as ours, which has more than 350,000 loyalty cards in the system and where loyalty makes more than 80% of the sales volume, or a small entrepreneur, My SpotLight platform can adjust to your needs...

Bojana Nićetin, Gomex
Head of Marketing

Long-time cooperation proves that in modern business, which is changeable and uncertain, you can always count on quick and responsible reaction, legitimate marketing advice, as well as concrete projects within the loyalty programme...

Dejan Purkov, MelPetrol