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How do I know if I even need a loyalty programme?

The value of a loyalty programme for a specific industry is reversely proportional to the length of the period in which your customers have a need for new purchase of goods and services you sell. In other words, the shorter the period, the more sense loyalty programmes have, and vice versa. If you run a neighbourhood shop or you have a retail store chain, pharmacy, petrol station, etc. loyalty programme can help you improve business results. On the other hand, if you own a wedding dress shop you’ll agree that ‘every thirds is free’ sales promotion doesn’t have much sense :) However, it can still be a good marketing trick.

I own a clothes shop and I’ve given over 500 cards to my customers that enable them a 5% discount. Do I need My SpotLight?

Do you know owners of each individual card? Their contact information? Do you know when their birthdays are so that you can prepare a gift? Do you track who is the most loyal customer and how much money they spend in your stores? Do you have an overview of customers that visited your stores only once and they didn’t return, or of those who were regular at the before but haven’t visited your stores recently? The item X is on sale and you know who has been purchasing this item before so that you can offer it to them under special conditions? The most common answers to these basic questions from companies that have a loyalty programme are negative. If this is true for you, then you know the answer for the question above.

In addition to Internet access, do I need something else regarding hardware and/or infrastructure in order to access My SpotLight application?

No! The application is located on our cloud servers and service we provide is ‘SaaS’ - Software as a Service. We are in charge of licences, maintenance and security, and you only need a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to access.

Can I use My SpotLight only to digitise customer databases and for segmentation of and personal communication with my customers, without implementing loyalty schemes and rules?

Of course! With any package you get all the functions and you can freely use just one or more available modules.

You claim that My SpotLight enables ‘White Label’ loyalty programme. What does this actually mean?

‘White Label’ means that you can independently (or together with us) design all elements of a loyalty programme (name of the programme, name of the points, design of the card, functionality of vouchers, etc.) and communicate the loyalty programme as a completely independent programme owned by you. For your customers/users, we are invisible and do not show up anywhere!

I have several different activities within my campaign. Is it possible to make an ‘umbrella’ loyalty programme?

Our platform enables creation of these, so called, coalition loyalty programmes, where two or more independent legal persons or different organisational units within one legal person make one loyalty programme where each can have different rules for collection of loyalty points. This type of linking under one loyalty programme generates synergy effect and win-win situations for all participants in the programme.

How is My SpotLight different from similar applications on the market?

SpotLight is a CRM and loyalty application in one. We designed it from scratch by using our own experience in designing and managing loyalty programmes, without influence from other applications and with a clear goal to maximise data use in order to optimise business processes and build tools for personalised, direct marketing. Admittedly, we are not sure if there are any other applications on the market that can offer what we offer :)

Is it possible to integrate ERP/POS programmes that I use for business with My SpotLight application?

Of course! We just need to agree on the manner of communication with the ERP/POS provider. If it is necessary, we can use API protocols and Web Service to integrate these two systems in real-time mode, and it is also possible to make transfers (file export/import) in agreed periods, usually on a daily basis.

Is it possible to transfer the existing loyalty programme from a different platform to My SpotLight?

In most cases, YES! If you have an option to export files from the existing system into any of standard formats, we will make sure your transition to our system is easy and without breaks in functioning.

Who owns the data entered via My SpotLIght application and what happens to my data in case I decide to move to another application?

You are 100% exclusive owners of the data, and in case you decide to end cooperation with use, after you settle all obligations, all inputted data will be exported and delivered to you in .csv or .xls file. After the export, all data will be permanently and irretrievably deleted.

Are there any limitations in terms of contract validity?

There are not! You can use My SpotLight application as long as you deem it useful, and when you decide you no longer need it, you just need to inform us 30 days in advance. After this period, you will receive all data in the .csv file and any obligation towards us will end.

Can users check their points and/or status via the Internet?

Of course! This is possible by using a separate web page or by integrating the existing website (integration is not part of the package). If you don’t have a website or you’re not satisfied with the way your existing site looks and functions, we can design an entire website that will, in addition to standard functions, integrate a loyalty programme (online application, user portal offering data related to card use, checking status, etc.).

What is included in the initial setup fee?

It includes base preparation, initial setup of rules and scheme, formulating general rules for use and documentation that will be in line with the Law on Consumer Protection, as well as design of the loyalty card.

Is the design of a website with an integrated loyalty programme part of the price?

It’s not, the price for the design of a website depends on the entire functional specification of other parts and modules that are integral part of a website and it is subject of a separate offer.